Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Having received this award from Libby, at by The Wobbly Dum Dum Tree
I am feeling pretty chuffed, despite not knowing quite how to
go about doing the things that are now required of me....

Well, I think the rules are that you must write seven  interesting
(or not so interesting) facts about yourself,
and then choose four blogs to which you must pass on this Versatile Blogger Award.

Here are the facts, - just the facts, Ma'am.

I am ancient, and have been married to the same man for sixty-six years, - clickety ckick!

Time passes quickly when I am in the garden, mucking about.

Also at the computer, - doing the same thing.

Now that life is not so hectic I play the piano every day, which always
includes a little Scott Joplin for my husband.

I am a weaver with a warped loom, waiting for a weft, and I have not yet faced
the reality that weaving probably requires more energy than I have now, and my
stash of wool and silk and linens is never going to get used up!

I treasure a little solitude now and then.

And even more I am grateful for still being curious and aware.


Hard to choose only four blogs that deserve an award for being versatile.......

1.   The Homestone who blogs on the many and varied flora and fauna you meet up with living in the 
midst of a meadow in the Cariboo region of B.C.

2.  Gourmet Gardening Girls whose writer has a zillion tips on gardening for the novice
and the expert.

3.  Life as I Know it which makes me feel young again and brings back precious
memories of having a houseful of children,  with all the fun and frustration and love
associated with this period of life.

4.  From the Back Pasture chosen with an ulterior motive, hoping that
it will inspire the writer to tell more of his wonderful tales.

Versatility -
the spawning of
a curious mind.


  1. I have enjoyed your "acceptance" and your interesting facts. Great choice of blogs too, though the link to the Back Pasture didn't work when I tried it.

  2. I hope I have fixed the link to the Back Pasture now. Haven't yet inspired the writer, but still have these awards to make after a busy day, so shouldn't expect too much yet!